Cold wind of the past
Winter’s here at last
Christmas time in a ghost
A ghost sacred place

Corallines avenue
Holy days of dew
Let me introduce
Memories of mine

In front of
The white house
Called “broken wings”
We’re gonna have some fun
For a while
For a while

When we were kids
Playing and wasting our times
We were so innocent
My sisters, they jumped on the trampo

In my cousin’s bedroom
I brought a girl
And I’ve made some kind of experience
It was wet and warm
And I felt bizarre
When she showed me how it works

Inside the house of
My great grand mother
Everyone is here tonight
Just like the olden time
But they talk talk talk
Of their imminent deaths

"Who will get the house?"
"It was better in the past!"
"The young were more polite..."
There was no trouble
In their memories
Of their peaceful lives
There was only delight
When they were kids in
Corallines avenue


from The doubt and the revolution of reality, released March 1, 2017



all rights reserved


Petseleh Strasbourg, France

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